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About Us

Committed to providing customers with effective and efficient underground services


We prioritize on-the-job safety and employee benefits to protect our employees and their families—as well as the members of the community we serve. We work with diligence and dedication on every project, no matter how large or small. We believe our success comes from collaboration, valuing the contributions of every member of our team.


So you need underground repairs? That does not mean we have to undo years of hard work you put into your garden or patio! We are committed to utilizing our precise underground drilling methods to work around your existing architecture, safely implementing repairs, maintenance, and installations.

Commitment to diversity

At Reynolds Specialty Contracting, one of our three core commitments is Family. This means that we not only value our employees’ families, but we also view our collective company as a family, full of diverse individuals. The Reynolds Family of Companies is committed to maintaining and growing the diversity of our team. We are proud to have 30% of our workforce represented by veterans. We are grateful for the freedom their service has provided us and we are pleased to add their experience, dedication, and determination to our various trade teams. We are also strong advocates for increasing the number of women employed in the trades industry, and we are honored to have a team with a higher-than-average percentage of female employees. We hope to continue increasing these numbers, adding individuals to our team who contribute their diverse backgrounds and expertise to the Reynolds Family of Companies.


Our underground trenching process not only saves you time and money through preserving your existing infrastructure, it also avoids the need for unnecessary repairs and is inherently a more efficient process—saving on labor hours. As a local business, we are available when you need us and we will complete your projects in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on enduring relationships with our clients. You can be sure that our precise methodology will deliver lasting results.